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the highlights

Glamour and riches are obtainable, if you eliminate MOST of the bad decisions.  This is where Todd Mittness steps up.  While in no way perfect, Todd has made the mistakes, so you don't need to.  You're jumping to the head of the line, without creating additional issues.

I've worn MANY HATS and have had SUCCESS with each.  Out of High School I joined the Army.  Was a Chandler Police Officer for just over 10 years.  Became a business owner for 14 years, and have helped in too many projects to list.  You're in GREAT HANDS.

a big investment

My name is Todd Mittness, and I keep it simple.  making a profit starts with Customers walking into your business.  Exceptional service cheaps them coming back.  I help on both front, generating higher profits, and happier Customers.


I use equipment typically reserved for - MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DEALS.

over 30 years of excellence

Lets face it, some projects are simply a struggle.  while you might be able to get the owrk done, seldom are you 100% happy with the results.?